Lime Driving School

Lime Driving School is based in Sheffield, and they approached us for their brand image and website. The website needed to entice new students and had to be scaleable for the franchise side of the business. It had to appeal to young student drivers and their parents (the primary source of the payments), and still look ‘corporate’ enough to attract good driving instructors to join the franchise when the business was in a position to expand.
We designed their branding and website. The site was designed to be a one-stop place for all the relevant information for pupils or their parents seeking a driving instructor. Offering driving lessons in a very desirable car, the Mini, was an essential part of the client’s business plan. The site copy was optimised for search engines using these criteria. This, combined with the use of original photography, enabled the client to enjoy a high conversion rate from the enquiries received via the website. Using a simple PayPal payment system meant that the company could accept credit and debit cards or prepayments without the burden of having payment terminals.

You can view the website by clicking here.

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